Fall and Winter 2015

FALL SESSION 2015 : 14 September – 31 October 2015







WINTER MINI-SESSION: 17 November – 18 December 2015

Tuesday Nights: Writing Workshop


This course examined what makes a story entertaining to read and tell.  They workshopped their writing in the hopes of producing some publication-ready pieces, many of which were chosen for inclusion in the upcoming public exhibition “Artists in Absentia.”

Wednesday Nights: Here I Am: Mixed Media portrait Workshop


This course started as an eight-week session and was expanded into a full fifteen-week workshop where students created art work based around various departure points to inspire creativity and discussion.  Many of the works were submitted for the upcoming Artists in Absentia exhibit.

Thursday: Drama and Performance 


This mini-session workshop focused on expression, improvisation, communication, and narrative through a series of viewpoint starters, ten-line plays, and famous works while also focusing upon student-generated work where participants were given the chance to write, direct, and perform in their own works.  Examples from the class will be showcased during the upcoming Artists in Absentia exhibit.

Friday Fiction Reading Course