Notable Visitors

Marc Kornblatt, director of Dostoevsky Behind Bars (Photo credit: Wisconsin State Journal)

In addition to exceedingly generous instructors, we have also brought wonderful visiting writers, community members, and academics to the classes to share their love of writing and to hear the writing of the men. Every visitor has (unprompted) said that the experience was extraordinary; those who teach say they wish their students had the same level of enthusiasm and insight, and all comment on the talent of the participants. Some notable visitors have included:

Marc Kornblattactor, documentary filmmaker, playwright, author, and school teacher, who directed Dostoevsky Behind Bars and other socially relevant documentary films with Refuge Films. 

Jeremy Morris, Assistant Professor in the Media and Cultural Studies department, who was instrumental in documenting the music, spoken word, and other aural components of the Artists in Absentia project.

Wendy Vardaman, author of Obstructed View and co-editor of the online and print publicationVerse Wisconsin.