Become a Volunteer!

We are always in need of volunteers to teach our courses or to serve as fill-in substitutes when our regular volunteers can’t make a particular session. To become a regular volunteer, you must attend a mandatory training session at the prison. These trainings occur on the first Tuesday of every other month. Here are some upcoming training dates:

— February 2, 2015 —

To become a regular volunteer, send an email to Claire Mason (oakhillprisonhumanitiesproject@gmail.com) stating your interest in registering for an upcoming volunteer training. You will then need to complete a visitor/volunteer application with basic information such as your name, address, and driver’s license number. This is needed for a criminal background check required for anyone who enters the Oakhill grounds. See the volunteer orientation manual provided by the Department of Corrections for more information.

Zachary Rewinski (L) and Sergey Karpukhin, Our World Literature Instructors Photo Credit: Aparna Vidyasagar

Zachary Rewinski and Sergey Karpukhin, World Literature Instructors. Photo Credit: Aparna Vidyasagar

If you are interested in participating in this project but don’t have the time or inclination to teach in the prison, we have several openings for volunteer positions:

Become our webmaster!

We are looking for an individual with an aesthetic sensibility to maintain, develop, and update this website.

Become our graphic designer! 

We are looking for a graphic designer who can help develop a logo for our organization. We also need someone to create new course posters for our offerings every 8 weeks. These posters are our primary method of attracting new participants among the inmates at Oakhill Correctional Facility. Our posters go up in prison common areas about two weeks prior to the start of every session.

Become our outreach specialist!

We are looking for an individual who has a strong pulse on local events, who can identify and implement ways to improve our project visibility.

Become our volunteer recruiter!

We are looking for an individual who can visit local groups in search of more volunteer instructors and partners. We hope to diversify our instructor base.

If you are interested in helping out in any of these capacities, please contact Claire Mason at oakhillprisonhumanitiesproject@gmail.com.

Christopher Earle, instructor for African-American Studies

Christopher Earle, African-American Studies instructor. Photo credit: Naomi Olson